Safer Learner Transport on the Cards

Government has placed the manner in which children are transported to school firmly under the microscope.

The Draft National Learner Transport Policy has been published for comment in Government Gazette 38207.

According to the transport department, the policy aims to address problems around the accessing of pupils to schools in both a rural and urban setting as well as the safety of pupils in general on the roads.

The intention is to introduce a standardised approach to how pupils are transported to schools.

Studies have shown that the transportation of school children is problematic across the country.

The policy seeks to ensure, inter alia, that children arrive at their respective schools on time, the number of accidents is reduced, drivers transporting school children adhere to the rules of the road and that transport costs are equalised.

The responsibilities of the various players at both a national, provincial and local government level are spelled out.

Provincial departments of transport and education will be expected to develop transport plans in line with national policy but also allowing for specific approaches in accordance with local needs.

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